Stamps4Food is dedicated to the alleviation of hunger and poverty.

Support us and contribute to a win-win situation, where millions of collectors of stamps all around the world will be provided a NEW channel to acquire those tiny pieces they longed for and add to their proud collections. Funds raised will be directed to the needy.


The idea of gathering postage stamps for charitable purposes is not a brand new innovation. At present there are numerous organizations receiving donations in the form of used stamps in United Kingdom to fund their charity work. Until NOW, no such existing effort could be found greatly in Asia. It is high time for us to step up and do something!

What We Do

Firstly, donations of BOTH NEW AND USED STAMPS are welcomed to offer a greater variety of choices. The stamps collected will then be sold through various channels – auctions, charity events, bidding websites such as eBay and so on – all easily accessible by philatelists worldwide. The net proceeds raised would be donated to certified charitable organizations that are working towards food-related relief in Hong Kong or overseas!

Start now (Address: 1408 Tak Shing House, Theatre Lane, 20 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong; Email: